• "The word 'THANKS' does not even begin to express how I feel after attending the immersion program at Duke Integrative Medicine."

  • "Duke Integrative Medicine is more than just a comfort. It's more than solace. It is an atmosphere that I find affirming, energizing, and a lot of fun."

  • "Healing goes on a long time after the cure."

  • "There is nowhere else that I would be heard, respected, and helped."

  • "Powerful and empowering—taking control of your health for a better, more energetic, more harmonious approach to life and relationships."

  • "I was meant to come here. That's really how I feel. Somehow, you have experiences in life that can alter your being, and that's happened to me here."

  • "I felt so relaxed and so at peace just knowing I had done something good for my body and good for my soul and good for my mind."

  • "I would recommend Duke Integrative Medicine to all that I know."

  • "I am most deeply grateful."

  • "This was a life changing experience. I've learned so much about myself and skills to help me better manage life skills."

  • "I feel like a new person."

  • "I have made lifestyle changes in the areas of physical fitness, nutrition, and spirituality that have lifted me to a renewed state of life I didn't know was possible."

  • "Wonderful experience. Life changing and inspiring. I'm going home with goals, hope and excitement."

  • "My experience at Duke has been life changing!"

  • "This course has been excellent! Outstanding faculty, great environment."

  • "The people here are open to knowing me as a whole person and they continue to care about me and want to help me to coninue to heal..."

  • "I think there will be more joy in my life."

  • "It was truly an uplifting experience and one that I am eager to share with friends and family."

  • "Duke Integrative Medicine was a refuge for me."

  • "It is a place where mind, body and soul come together to be fed and nourished in perfect harmony in a sanctuary-like environment."

  • "I found warmness, and I found openness, and I found skill, and I think it is a facility that is conducive to healing."

  • "Duke Integrative Medicine has given me a roadmap for maintaining a sense of balance, fulfillment, and overall wellness."

  • "Where do I begin? The wonderful information, education, enthusiasm, the opportunity to learn. It was so helpful to practice, observe and receive feedback..."

  • "Really incredible experience. I am motivated to make changes."

  • "It was truly an uplifting experience and one that I am eager to share with friends and family."

At Duke Integrative Medicine, you experience a new approach to medical care that brings you and your provider together in a dynamic partnership dedicated to optimizing your health and healing. Our approach focuses on all of who you are, recognizing that the subtle interactions of mind, body, spirit and community have a direct impact on your vitality and well-being.

Dr. Adam Perlman
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